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Our Services

Our Commercial Slabs meets our own high standards, and the standards of New Hampshires top builders

MPC Construction provides commercial / industrial slab services for new construction to some of the largest contractors in the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine area. We provide top-notch crews to our clients’ flatwork projects. Our clients benefit from the expertise and efficiency that our flat-work crews bring to a wide range of projects.

Quality sidewalk flatwork projects


Working Smarter

MPC Construction uses the latest concrete equipment and technology, which leads to a superior final product and helps create a safer, less physically strenuous work environment for our crews.

Concrete done the right way starts today

MPC Constructon’s co-workers construct each project in accordance with site-specific requirements and our own job process. With more than 12 years’ accumulated knowledge, MPC Construction’s process complements contract documents by providing exceptional workforce consistency and efficiency.

MPC Construction makes stamped concrete stronger and more beautiful

Stamped concrete creates the illusion of real brick, slate, stone, or tile. For projects that demand both durability and beauty, stamped concrete can be an excellent alternative to more expensive natural paving materials—at a fraction of the cost. With numerous possible patterns and limitless color combinations, MPC Construction can provide stamped concrete to satisfy a wide range of project requests.

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